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Please feel free to tell me how you think I'm doing with Tear. Constructive criticism is always welcome. Flames and/or rude comments will be ignored.

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Tear Grants
Player: Mako
Canon: Tales of the Abyss
Canon Point: Before Eldrant
Alignment: PIPHRON
Date of Entry: 01/05/2017

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"What? How does this work?...Through the crystals. O-oh.... Hello, I'm Tear Grants. Please leave your contact information and I'll get back to you as soon as possible."

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Player: Mako
Contact: [ profile] makotos; Discord: makotosagara#9497
Age: 33
Current Characters: N/A

Character: Tear Grants/ Mystearica Aura Fende
Age: 16
Canon: Tales of the Abyss
Canon Point: Right before they group travels to Eldrant

Background: Tear on the Tales of Wiki

Tear is a soldier for the Order of Lorelei (her rank is Locrian Sergeant of the Intelligence Division), and she was trained at a young age by her older brother’s second in command during the time she would have spent in the academy. As such, she’s fairly serious and blunt. She can come off a little cold to strangers, but that is more out of her training to be professional at all times than any lack of feelings on her part. She also lacks the ability to soften her statements. She always says what she means and doesn’t regret it later. The one who suffers the most from this is Luke, but that is mainly because of his crappy attitude towards others really angers her.

Despite the tough outer shell, Tear is still very much a teenaged girl. She loves things that would be considered cute—frilly maid outfits, adorable talking creatures, children in dress up clothes. It is when she is faced with cute things that she can be found to blush and cover her mouth. She’s aware that this clashes with her professional persona and if called on it will disavow behaving as such, but is unable to stop herself.

She is a good person with high morals. When she learns that her brother is willing to sacrifice the lives of innocents for his plans, she takes a mission that would allow her to move freely on Auldrant so that she can assassinate him. When she finds out that she has taken Luke from his home, she offers to take him back, despite his nasty attitude and spoiled behaviour, even going so far as to give up the only memento she had from her deceased mother to get him there faster. When she learns that Luke isn’t just faking his ‘amnesia’ (and later is actually a replica that has not been told certain things), she goes out of her way to explain things he doesn’t understand.

She expects those around her to pull their own weight, both in battle and out, but she is willing to offer her life for those who need protecting. Many times she has saved the leader of the Order of Lorelei, Fon Master Ion, with the party after he had been kidnapped by the Six God-Generals, her brother, and the Grand Maestro Mohs. She jumped in front of an attack that would have killed Luke while he was suffering from the repercussions of his first kill of a human in battle. And she did the same for Natalia while the princess was still trying to find footing in actual battle situations.

At her point in canon, Tear has realized that despite the love she feels for her brother that he is a danger to the world. She is the main person saying that Van had to die to save their planet, even though it hurts.

She understands how important it was to save the world. She knows that as one of the last descendents of Yulia Jue that she has a responsibility to go around the world to help activate the Sephiroth (the pillars of Seventh Fonons keeping the Outer Lands suspended above the dangerous miasma that could kill everyone), since it is something that only she and Van can do. She did this, despite the fact that it could kill her. Because of the fact she grew up in the Qliphoth, Tear's body was extremely susceptible to miasma toxmosis. She was told by the doctor in Belkend that anymore and she could kill herself, even with the medication that kept the miasma in check. She continued on with their quest, to the point where she fainted a few times.

After the Tower of Rem, where Luke nearly died and he learns that he will actually die anyway, Tear finds out the news because Mieu overhears a conversation between Luke and Jade and runs to tell her. In a beautiful display of her priorities, she is angry with Luke for lying to her, not because he is dying. She knows that he can't help the situation, but she wants to know the truth so that she can face it head-on, not live a happy lie. Before they go to Eldrant, there is a moment between Tear and Luke where they could have confessed their feelings, but her natural reluctance to make herself so vulnerable and Luke's inability to saddle her with his feelings when they were both sure he is going to die means that she faces losing her brother and the boy she loves at the same time, even if they succeed.

In essence, Tear is the type of person who does the right thing because it is the right thing. She makes the not easy decisions for the greater good because she has some hope that humanity can change its ways. She doesn't allow herself to be swept away by Luke's blind optimism because even though humanity changes in times of strife (Luke himself is a shining example of this), she knows that it will take a lot of work as well. Tear is a hopeful realist, which, ironically, is Van's fault because of the way that he fostered her with their adopted grandfather. Most of her hope in humanity comes from the way that Van saved their family when he was desperate, despite his age, and then set about achieving all of his goals in such a short amount of time.

All of this is balanced with a slightly insecure girl who isn't too sure what to do with her own feelings except deny that they are there (she's the biggest tsundere in the game, aside from Luke himself) and attempt to hide behind her soldier's facade.

Abilities: Tear’s Artes
Tear is mainly a healer as a Seventh Fonist, with most of her artes centering on area of effect abilities. However, her rare ability to sing the Fonic hymns left by Yulia Jue, who she is descended from, makes her attacks very strong as well. Not only is she a talented caster and great support character, but her skill with wands and maces gives her a bit more balance than just a regular “stand back and cast” party member. Outside of battle, Tear has very good aim with throwing knives and is seen using them many times.

Alignment: Piphron - Tear suffers from a hard time trusting because of the closed off way she grew up in Yulia City and the fact that her brother ends up betraying everyone with his plans. On the other hand, once someone earns her trust, they have her loyalty for a long time until they prove they're unworthy of it, as in the case of her brother and Lagretta.


Sample: Tear on the TDM
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CHARACTER SERIES: Tales of Series (Tales of the Abyss, specifically)

Backtagging: Yes, I will backtag forever if that's what you want!
Threadhopping: I have no problem with that, if you ask. I'm nearly always available on AIM, Plurk, email or PM
Fourthwalling: She's fairly much end-game, so you can only fourthwall her so much
Offensive subjects (elaborate): Depends. Ask first. I don't have many squicks, but, not everything is cool for every character.

Hugging this character: She will be shocked. Depending on who you are, she might attack
Kissing this character: Haha, never been kissed. Wouldn't know what to do. (Sorta goes with the above)
Flirting with this character: She won't understand it, but you're welcome to try.
Fighting with this character: Sure. She's able to defend herself, so come at her.
Injuring this character (include limits and severity): She's a healer, so unless it's a debilitating injury, she won't even blink. Also, she's an experienced fighter so she has no problem taking an injury from time to time to protect others.
Killing this character: Please ask first.
Using telepathy/mind reading abilities on this character: Please ask OOCly first. However, there's not much she's got to keep secret.

Warnings: Tear's a soldier, so she's blunt and she doesn't show her emotions well. If that doesn't offend you, you're welcome to attempt to befriend her. Also, this girl has a pretty horrible sense of humour (nearly nonexistent) so don't expect her to get your jokes.

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